Irrational Fears… Running Out Of People to Call

You can tell yourself almost anything to avoid making a cold call… One of the more irrational fears that manifests itself in my cold call preparation is the thought that, somehow, once everyone says “no” to me I’m going to run out of people to call. For example, I will buy a list of ideal target customers to call, then not call them because I’m afraid that I’ll go through the list and it will be 100% rejections. Then I think that afterwards I’ll have nothing to do. How insane…

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Obstacles Turn Into Opportunities in Sales

obstacles turn into opportunities

I think it was Joe Kraus who said, and I’m paraphrasing probably, “The first “no” is like the starter’s pistol that marks the beginning of the sales process.” This attitude and perspective perfectly captures the fact that obstacles turn into opportunities in the sales process… With the first “no”, we find an obstacle in sales. But the first “no” is also a massive opportunity because it means that you’ve actually done something. You started. The fear was there before the call… But you made the call anyway. Good for you. Now…

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How Many Times Was Seth Godin Rejected?

I work in sales… What about you? I don’t know about you, but every Sunday I need to pump myself up before the coming week… Because I know it will be full of rejection when cold calling. One of the ways I get “in the zone” is by remembering that being rejected is normal when selling pretty much anything. Seth Godin is one of my favorite authors because he’s not only a wonderful writer, marketer and teacher, but he’s been through the sales and rejection process personally. And endured. How…

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Good vs. Bad Buying Decisions in Sales

When selling to a bug company (ie. one that is bigger than yours) remember that a buyer may be more compelled to avoid making a “bad” decision than making a “good” one. On the surface this often appears insane. And the situation leaves salespeople who fail to empathize with their buyers scratching their heads time and time again… Your offering may be more logical, smarter, even obviously superior to what the buyer currently uses or what your competition is selling. But if the buying process is motivated more by a…

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Why Isn’t Sales Taught in Business School?

Why isn't sales taught in business school?

If the famous business phrase, “Nothing happens until a sale is made…” is true, why isn’t sales taught in business school..? In business, sales might be the most important function of all. So why isn’t sales a prerequisite for anyone who attends business school today? Should Business Schools Teach Sales? Business schools started during the industrial age. They were historically about upper management… And business schools are schools after all… With an emphasis on compliance, fitting in, passing the exam and listening to the professor. But what about sales? In…

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Low Tech, Big Check

Low tech big check

It’s easy to over-rely on technology to solve genuine problems… One such problem is the pain associated with prospecting (i.e. cold calling). Cold calling works. The fact is that people have their phones with them everywhere now… You can reach them via phone, or via texting or email for the portion of their communication that they used to do with voice. But when you call someone they may answer the phone, just because it’s with them. If you call a receptionist, or personal assistant, if you are nice to them…

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The Best and Worst Jobs for “Questioners”

what are the best and worst jobs for questioners

Gretchen Rubin wrote a book about human behavior, and the psychology of human expectations called “The Four Tendencies“.  The Four Tendencies is about the four different personality types that most people fit into. The four personality types are: Obligers: Obligers will do what others ask without much prodding. They like the external structure and expectations of others to drive them. They can have issues setting and meeting internal expectations and goals, though. Upholders: Upholders can meet both internal and external expectations. They make great entrepreneurs. Questioners: Questioners can meet internal expectations,…

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A Business of Hitting Singles

Many sales jobs are comprised of hitting singles. Insurance is one of these. Very few people want to talk about insurance. Sometimes it’s 100 “no” answers for every 1 “yes“. Yes, very good business for baseball batting average analogies… Because your “at bats” matters a lot. On top of no one wanting to talk about insurance, there’s also the incumbent you’re battling with. Every new client of yours is a client someone else lost. A zero sum game. But then those singles start to add up. Over time, incrementally, you’re…

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Cold Calling Tip #1

Cold calling sucks bigtime

Cold calling sucks… No two ways about it. One way you can improve your chances of success are by not just limiting yourself to the phone (even though the phone is probably the most underutilized tool in today’s social media, etc. saturated world). In the process of cold calling you will find that some people just don’t respond to the phone. But they might very well respond to email, or text messages. Even though it might be presumptuous to send someone you don’t really know a text message, the person…

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The Entrepreneur and Time Management

Time is the great equalizer. We all have 24 hours in a day… What each of us does with that time makes all the difference. For an entrepreneur, time management is everything. If you are struggling with how you seem to be working all the time, but you feel like you are not getting anywhere, you should examine what you are doing with your time during each hour of the day. Sometimes what feels like work, is not the work you need to be doing. If I am afraid of…

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