Freelancer or Solopreneur: What’s The Difference?

If you’re considering a side hustle, you may think of yourself as a freelancer or a solopreneur. Freelancers and solopreneurs are often conflated with one another, or used interchangeably… But aside from the fact that they work mostly by themselves, freelancers and solopreneurs are different. Freelancer or Solopreneur? A freelancer is someone who exchanges his or her time for money. Freelancers work on projects for clients, as the clients come in. Freelancers do the work themselves. They’re the boss of themselves… They own a job that they control. If a…

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What is a Solopreneur?

What is a solopreneur?

While every solopreneur and entrepreneur is unique, solopreneurs differ from entrepreneurs because they bear the pressures and challenges of building a business alone. What is a Solopreneur? The definition of a solopreneur is generally someone who: Works completely alone. Is the sole manager (is in charge of himself or herself on a daily basis). Is working on a solopreneur business to support themselves and maybe their family. Solopreneurs are often people who start a blog or start an online business to sell products or services online. Solopreneurs usually work from home, in…

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A Business of Hitting Singles

Many sales jobs are comprised of hitting singles. Insurance is one of these. Very few people want to talk about insurance. Sometimes it’s 100 “no” answers for every 1 “yes“. Yes, very good business for baseball batting average analogies… Because your “at bats” matters a lot. On top of no one wanting to talk about insurance, there’s also the incumbent you’re battling with. Every new client of yours is a client someone else lost. A zero sum game. But then those singles start to add up. Over time, incrementally, you’re…

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Weakness is Strong

Weakness is strong. Weakness can overpower me easily. I know some of my bad or lazy habits make weakness even stronger and put it in a very comfortable position of power. Sometimes if I give weakness just a shred of a chance…It gets the drop on me. How Do You Fight Weakness Weakness is no match for ingrained habits. Over time, developing good, daily habits takes the random decision making out of your daily routine as much as possible. Tim Ferriss recently said something to the effect of: “…Don’t think…

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5 Ways to Overcome Depression as a Solopreneur

5 ways to Overcome Depression as a Solopreneur

In 2012 I attended a conference for entrepreneurs. It was at a ski resort in Lake Tahoe. The conference was filled with a lot of really smart and impressive business people. I can’t remember all of them, but it was a very open scene. Regardless of the level of “success” people had, everyone treated each other more or less as equals. I was just starting my second startup venture. I wanted to meet other founders and there were random encounters and opportunities to chat. During one meal I chatted with…

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Sole Proprietor vs. LLC for My Online Business?

Should my online business be a sole proprietor vs LLC?

You may be wondering, if you start an online business… Should you be a sole proprietor or LLC? It’s a good question. And making the right choice has important implications for your online business. Sole Proprietor Operating as a sole proprietor is the easiest… Then again… When is the easiest approach the best approach? On the positive side, as a sole proprietor, of course you are in full control of your destiny. However, the same is true if you’re structured as an LLC (Limited Liability Company). On the negative side, as…

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Thoughts Like Waves

If you’re overly introspective, it can sometimes feel like you are a slave to your own thoughts. You can control your thoughts, but it takes a lot of work. Mostly… Thought just happens. Like breathing, as long as you’re alive… Thought just happens. Thoughts are like ocean waves rolling into the shore. Some are good, and some are bad. If you’re a surfer, you can’t control the ocean. Surfers don’t worry about the bad waves… They enjoy the brief good ones. If you’re not a surfer, even better… Instead of…

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The Five People You Spend Your Time With (as a Solopreneur)

You, you, you, you and you. There’s a theory that you’re the average of the five people you spend your time with… But what if those five people are you, you, you, you and you, how are you supposed to improve?  As a solopreneur, not having a feedback loop and access to others who can help could be delivering serious downward pressure on your success.  It might be helpful to find a co-working space, form a Meetup group, become part of a Mastermind group, or just get out of the…

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The Most Important CEO

Claiming the title of “CEO” as a solopreneur typically doesn’t look or even feel great. I did this once… And it always felt a little silly. A Chief Executive Officer needs to lead others in business and it’s assumed that the CEO has earned the right to this title by leading successfully in the past.  That said, being the CEO of yourself is, first and foremost, the most important thing you can be.  Being able to lead yourself, to give orders and receive them, to prioritize and execute according to…

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