What is a Solopreneur?

What is a solopreneur?

While every solopreneur and entrepreneur is unique, solopreneurs differ from entrepreneurs because they bear the pressures and challenges of building a business alone. What is a Solopreneur? The definition of a solopreneur is generally someone who: Works completely alone. Is the sole manager (is in charge of himself or herself on a daily basis). Is working on a solopreneur business to support themselves and maybe their family. Solopreneurs are often people who start a blog or start an online business to sell products or services online. Solopreneurs usually work from home, in…

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How Do You Update HomePod?

How Do You Update HomePod? Apple released its first HomePod update today. If you want to update HomePod, you should not have to do anything, per se. HomePod is designed to automatically install new updates to itself, with just your WiFi connection. However, if you’re of the “trust but verify” variety, you can manually check for updates in the Home app. How to Check HomePod Updates to Current Version Open the Home app on your iOS device (iPad, iPhone, etc.) Check to make sure that you are logged in with…

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HomePod Pairing and Setup is Similar to AirPods

The HomePod pairing and setup process is similar to the process for setting up AirPods. HomePod pairing uses a proximity sensor, similar to AirPods. When HomePod is next to an iOS device, you’ll see a tile pop up with a picture of your HomePod. The setup process requires several prompts, including transferring the settings from iCloud and your iTunes account to HomePod via the Home app. These instructions are included with the HomePod. When you unbox the HomePod, you’ll see the only basic instructions included with HomePod describing the setup…

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HomePod Not Connecting to Home App?

HomePod not Connecting to Home App

Is your HomePod not connecting to the Home app? If you move your HomePod from one room to another, or if you try connecting to a different iOS device, you may have trouble accessing HomePod from an iOS device using the “Home” app. In my case, I originally set up HomePod using an iPad without Apple Music. Then, since HomePod was not operating to its full potential without Apple Music, I signed up for an Apple Music free trial using my iMac. Then I connected my iPhone to the HomePod…

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Sole Proprietor vs. LLC for My Online Business?

Should my online business be a sole proprietor vs LLC?

You may be wondering, if you start an online business… Should you be a sole proprietor or LLC? It’s a good question. And making the right choice has important implications for your online business. Sole Proprietor Operating as a sole proprietor is the easiest… Then again… When is the easiest approach the best approach? On the positive side, as a sole proprietor, of course you are in full control of your destiny. However, the same is true if you’re structured as an LLC (Limited Liability Company). On the negative side, as…

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No Social Proof. How Do I Hide Etsy Store Sales Stats?

Turn off Etsy store sales stats?

If you are interested in selling your handmade crafts or designs on the web, there are really two options: An Etsy Store or selling through Amazon Handmade. Etsy offers an easier setup process than Amazon. It also seems like more of a genuine craft seller marketplace. Amazon Handmade requires a Pro account… For this you have to pay $39 per month, plus other transaction fees just to sell on Amazon. This seems crazy to me for someone just starting out. So, when my wife and I recently decided to set up an online…

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Thoughts Like Waves

If you’re overly introspective, it can sometimes feel like you are a slave to your own thoughts. You can control your thoughts, but it takes a lot of work. Mostly… Thought just happens. Like breathing, as long as you’re alive… Thought just happens. Thoughts are like ocean waves rolling into the shore. Some are good, and some are bad. If you’re a surfer, you can’t control the ocean. Surfers don’t worry about the bad waves… They enjoy the brief good ones. If you’re not a surfer, even better… Instead of…

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The Five People You Spend Your Time With (as a Solopreneur)

You, you, you, you and you. There’s a theory that you’re the average of the five people you spend your time with… But what if those five people are you, you, you, you and you, how are you supposed to improve?  As a solopreneur, not having a feedback loop and access to others who can help could be delivering serious downward pressure on your success.  It might be helpful to find a co-working space, form a Meetup group, become part of a Mastermind group, or just get out of the…

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Does That Make Sense?

Someone, somewhere once decided that it would be a good idea to ask you if that made sense… Now, it seems that everyone, everywhere… From well known podcast hosts to everyday “Joes” are asking you this question. Yup, you’ve been asked it recently… Maybe today even. It didn’t really make sense that it would happen, but nevertheless, there you were… talking with someone on a conference call and they just finished speaking (or so you thought) when they punctuated themselves by saying, probably in a pretentious tone… “Does that make…

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Why Entrepreneurs Fail

While most businesses fail because they run out of money, most solopreneurs and very early stage entrepreneurs fail because of personal struggles.  The personal struggles that cause entrepreneurs to fail are doubly painful because failure also simultaneously happens for the would be customer… Ultimately, the entrepreneur fails both himself AND thousands of customers he seeks, but in the end fails, to connect with… A universal letdown.  Talk about pressure!  But if you’re suffering as an entrepreneur, know this… You are not alone. I am writing this because I am suffering…

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