Limbic Resonance and Success

One of the best insights from Elon Musk’s interview with Joe Rogan was his comment on limbic resonance and how powerful it is in media. Our limbic system is driven by animal instincts, our amygdala, aka our “lizard brain”. The level of social media platform success may be in direct correlation to the platforms limbic resonance… Or its ability to strike a nerve within us that makes us react. Those people who have embraced such platforms to their benefit are succeeding in large part because they connect with us at…

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We’re All Cyborgs Now

We're all cyborgs now

When Elon Musk was talking to Joe Rogan about artificial intelligence, Elon commented that for the human race to survive AI, we would have to merge with technology. Become cyborgs. But he said that today, we are already cyborgs… Because essentially our iPhones, etc. are already just extensions of ourselves. Cyborg Interface and Wearables Challenges As Apple and other companies continue to expand into the “wearables” market, the design of human/computer interfaces increasingly is defined by the “bandwidth issue”. Namely, humans cannot interface with computers quickly enough. To solve this problem, companies…

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3 Reasons the Facebook Paid Account is Inevitable

3 Reasons Facebook Paid Account is Inevitable-min

Facebook is having a relatively tough time of late… With Apple and Amazon recently reaching trillion dollar market caps, Facebook’s stock has been beaten down. The stock is at a four month low today as Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, is testifying on Capitol Hill about Facebook’s mishandling of user data, manipulation by Russian operatives and other sad consequences of using the social media platform. More and more people are wondering whether they should delete their social media accounts. But these problems may be a silver lining for Facebook’s next…

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The Igrarian Home

the igrarian home diagram south

Eventually I believe that all home electricity will essentially be free because of solar power and technology advancement. It’s hard not to envision this when one considers how far we have advanced in other areas, such as the cost of an hour’s worth of artificial light. Matt Ridley, author of “The Rational Optimist“, researched the amount of work it takes to generate (earn) an hour of artificial light today, versus 150 years ago. 1800: a candle providing one hour’s light cost six hours’ work. 1880: the same light from a…

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How to Receive Email Instantly on iPhone or iPad

If you’re like me, you probably often look at the native iPhone “Mail” app that comes with iPhone and wondering why it is taking so long. It seems to take forever to wake up and then process the email… It’s painfully slow. To solve this problem with the Mail app on iOS for iPhone or iPad, simply switch to the Gmail app for iOS. Receive Email Instantly With The Gmail App Even though the Gmail app was recently upgraded to be even faster, it has always been great. Indeed, when…

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Newspapers Are Underrated

newspapers are underrated

Sadly, Facebook gets all the press regarding how people get their news these days… As a result, newspapers are underrated. Your Facebook feed represents an extremely filtered version of what Facebook (and Facebook alone) expects will result in some behavior of yours that benefits Facebook. Such as clicking an ad, liking something or sharing a post. The difference between Facebook and a national newspaper, such as the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times, is that with a newspaper everyone gets the same news. The WSJ or NYT news…

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The Next Supercycle is Coming

The next Apple “supercycle” is coming… The reason Apple will likely experience another “supercycle” at the end of 2018, going into 2019, is because the iPhone X form factor is the most radical change in design since the iPhone 4. It’s so obvious to me that this will happen and here are four reasons why: The iPhone X is the hottest selling, most popular iPhone model among all iPhones. It has been the best selling iPhone since it was released late last year. Apple is expected to launch a larger…

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Apple Maps’ “Proceed To The Route” Is Unhelpful

I rarely use Apple Maps because once it took me to a dead end street that was not my destination… But another reason I don’t use Apple Maps that often is because it often provides instructions that are unhelpful. One example is “Proceed to the Route.” Why Does Apple Maps Tell Me To “Proceed To The Route”? This morning I thought I would give Apple Maps another try. I had to go to a meeting in North Haven, Connecticut and wasn’t sure if I should take I-84 or I-95. I…

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Robots Make Food More Efficient, Less Magical

robots make food more efficient, less magical

When I lived in Providence, there was a TCBY near my apartment. They sold frozen yogurt and frozen yogurt concoctions, such as “Shivers”, that I bought. One day my father was visiting and we went there. As we approached the cashier, a person behind the counter was pouring a brown, liquid yogurt mix (maybe chocolate?) into the bottom of the yogurt machine. My father turned and looked at me and said, “Kind of takes some of the magic out of it doesn’t it…?” No One Wants to See Robots Make…

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