We’re All Cyborgs Now

We're all cyborgs now

When Elon Musk was talking to Joe Rogan about artificial intelligence, Elon commented that for the human race to survive AI, we would have to merge with technology. Become cyborgs. But he said that today, we are already cyborgs… Because essentially our iPhones, etc. are already just extensions of ourselves. Cyborg Interface and Wearables Challenges As Apple and other companies continue to expand into the “wearables” market, the design of human/computer interfaces increasingly is defined by the “bandwidth issue”. Namely, humans cannot interface with computers quickly enough. To solve this problem, companies…

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3 Reasons the Facebook Paid Account is Inevitable

3 Reasons Facebook Paid Account is Inevitable-min

Facebook is having a relatively tough time of late… With Apple and Amazon recently reaching trillion dollar market caps, Facebook’s stock has been beaten down. The stock is at a four month low today as Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, is testifying on Capitol Hill about Facebook’s mishandling of user data, manipulation by Russian operatives and other sad consequences of using the social media platform. More and more people are wondering whether they should delete their social media accounts. But these problems may be a silver lining for Facebook’s next…

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Apple Maps’ “Proceed To The Route” Is Unhelpful

I rarely use Apple Maps because once it took me to a dead end street that was not my destination… But another reason I don’t use Apple Maps that often is because it often provides instructions that are unhelpful. One example is “Proceed to the Route.” Why Does Apple Maps Tell Me To “Proceed To The Route”? This morning I thought I would give Apple Maps another try. I had to go to a meeting in North Haven, Connecticut and wasn’t sure if I should take I-84 or I-95. I…

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Robots Make Food More Efficient, Less Magical

robots make food more efficient, less magical

When I lived in Providence, there was a TCBY near my apartment. They sold frozen yogurt and frozen yogurt concoctions, such as “Shivers”, that I bought. One day my father was visiting and we went there. As we approached the cashier, a person behind the counter was pouring a brown, liquid yogurt mix (maybe chocolate?) into the bottom of the yogurt machine. My father turned and looked at me and said, “Kind of takes some of the magic out of it doesn’t it…?” No One Wants to See Robots Make…

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Apple is Crushing It In The Watch Department

Even though Apple’s Siri announcements at WWDC 2018 were pretty banal… Apple is absolutely crushing it in the watch department… Apple Watch really is the new iPhone. I mean, really, what CAN’T you do on an Apple Watch these days? Besides being the perfect starter phone for kids, Apple Watch offers, for free, a way to participate in a remote heart study that could literally save your life. The cellular version also has a cool “red dot“. Even Siri seems more accurate on Apple Watch than on iPhone. At WWDC 2018 Apple…

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What Are Some Examples of Useful Siri Shortcuts?

Apple announced Siri Shortcuts and Suggestions at WWDC 2018 today. The announcements today were a little disappointing coming off of the Google Duplex demonstration from a few weeks ago. What Are Some Useful Siri Shortcuts? Setting up Shortcuts seems like a lot of work… I am not sure I would use any of the Shortcuts or Suggestions that were demonstrated. Can someone suggest useful Siri shortcuts in the comments below? The ones mentioned in this video from the WWDC are OK. Below is a link to instructions for adding a…

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What About GDPR for IoT?

what about GPDR for Internet of Things?

It was widely reported that an Amazon Alexa device recorded a family’s conversation without them knowing, and then emailed the recording as a text message to someone in their contacts list. I’m no privacy lawyer, but I’m guessing this would be considered illegal. Smart Speakers… A Solution In Search of a Problem? Honestly, I don’t understand why people have these things in their homes unless they completely trust the company that manufactures them. I would never buy an Amazon smart speaker. I would never buy a Google smart speaker. I use…

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List of Security Robot Guards For Schools

list of security robot guards for schools

Another school shooting today, this one in Santa Fe, Texas. Once again, some psycho got ahold of a gun, brought it to school and shot a bunch of unarmed, innocent students. Kid had a written plan and left signs that could have been heeded. Security guards at schools seem unable to do anything to stop this. The NRA is useless… You’d think they’d be out front, trying to protect schools. But they do nothing to try to prevent it. I wonder when we will have robots that will do the…

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Google Duplex Just Leapfrogged Siri

Google's Duplex just leapfrogged Siri

Earlier this week Google unveiled “Duplex” an intelligent calling feature for its updated Google Assistant AI software. In contrast to simply responding to queries from users, with Google Duplex, Google Assistant can act on “offense”. In other words, it can make calls for you to perform certain tasks, such as setting up meetings and making appointments. Duplex does this with the most human-sounding voice ever… Complete with “…ums” and “…ahs” to make the artificial intelligence (AI) driven helper seem more realistic in phone conversations. Indeed, Google Assistant seems so real…

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