List of Security Robot Guards For Schools

list of security robot guards for schools

Another school shooting today, this one in Santa Fe, Texas. Once again, some psycho got ahold of a gun, brought it to school and shot a bunch of unarmed, innocent students. Kid had a written plan and left signs that could have been heeded. Security guards at schools seem unable to do anything to stop this. The NRA is useless… You’d think they’d be out front, trying to protect schools. But they do nothing to try to prevent it. I wonder when we will have robots that will do the…

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Google Duplex Just Leapfrogged Siri

Google's Duplex just leapfrogged Siri

Earlier this week Google unveiled “Duplex” an intelligent calling feature for its updated Google Assistant AI software. In contrast to simply responding to queries from users, with Google Duplex, Google Assistant can act on “offense”. In other words, it can make calls for you to perform certain tasks, such as setting up meetings and making appointments. Duplex does this with the most human-sounding voice ever… Complete with “…ums” and “…ahs” to make the artificial intelligence (AI) driven helper seem more realistic in phone conversations. Indeed, Google Assistant seems so real…

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Spielberg’s Still Got It

ready player one

I saw Ready Player One today… Great movie! I really wasn’t expecting to like it… And didn’t even plan to see it. But I’m glad I did. The previews did not do this movie justice. Ready Player One had everything you would want in a sci-fi, futuristic movie that’s also part superhero story: Characters you actually cared about Ranges of emotion and human empathy that even was conveyed by the CGI characters A great story Awesome special effects A great beginning, middle and ending The right length Nice love story…

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Will Facebook Premium Make FB Stock Soar?

During his congressional testimony, one thing that Mark Zuckerberg said really caught my ear. When asked by members of congress if Facebook would offer version with no ads, he said something to the extent of: A version of Facebook will always be free. A version. This got me thinking about 1) the fact that the Facebook has over 2,000,000,000 users and 2) that many users get their news there, and 3) that online trust is going to be a huge problem that will need solving. As NPR recently reported, once…

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Facebook Needs More Data, Not Less, To Survive…

Facebook needs more data not less

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is heading to Capitol Hill today. As the founder and CEO seeks deliverance from his company’s sins, I believe he has a bigger opportunity in all of this. There is a silver lining for Facebook that is hidden in the Cambridge Analytics debacle… And an opportunity to help person to person trust survive, over the long term, on the Internet. But for trust to have any reasonable chance for survival, Facebook must do the exact opposite of what most media observers and politicians will demand…  To survive and…

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Should Apple Be Insulated From Tech Backlash?

Should Apple Be Insulated From Tech Backlash

While the current media furor over the mismanagement of personal data by technology FAANG companies is unlikely to die down anytime soon… It seems as though all Silicon Valley tech companies have been crushed. Should Apple also be suffering from the current tech meltdown? Apple vs. Other FAANG Companies: Facebook: $456B (25 P/E) – No dividend Amazon: $680B (307 P/E) – No dividend Apple: $854B (16.45 P/E) – Dividend 1.5% Netflix: $125B (202 P/E) – No dividend Google/Alphabet: $700B (31.37 P/E) – No dividend Facebook has lost around 20% of…

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Security Robots For Schools

Security Robots for Schools

What is the price of safety for kids? Depends on your definition of “safety”. Regardless, however, technology will soon advance to the point where we can deploy autonomous security robots for schools to protect our children. We already live in a world where robots are used for domestic security. Today a Knightscope robot can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The posted rates for a K5 “outdoor patrol bot” is $6,500 per month. Over the course of a year, that works out to about $8.90 per hour.…

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HomePod Pairing and Setup is Similar to AirPods

The HomePod pairing and setup process is similar to the process for setting up AirPods. HomePod pairing uses a proximity sensor, similar to AirPods. When HomePod is next to an iOS device, you’ll see a tile pop up with a picture of your HomePod. The setup process requires several prompts, including transferring the settings from iCloud and your iTunes account to HomePod via the Home app. These instructions are included with the HomePod. When you unbox the HomePod, you’ll see the only basic instructions included with HomePod describing the setup…

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HomePod Not Connecting to Home App?

HomePod not Connecting to Home App

Is your HomePod not connecting to the Home app? If you move your HomePod from one room to another, or if you try connecting to a different iOS device, you may have trouble accessing HomePod from an iOS device using the “Home” app. In my case, I originally set up HomePod using an iPad without Apple Music. Then, since HomePod was not operating to its full potential without Apple Music, I signed up for an Apple Music free trial using my iMac. Then I connected my iPhone to the HomePod…

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What Can Siri on HomePod Do?

What can Siri on HomePod do?

I set up a HomePod in my home office today. There were some configuration specifics that I needed to get right, but getting HomePod up and running was pretty straightforward. After initially plugging it in, Siri on HomePod was able to do a few things using a basic Internet connection. However, to avoid some frustration when setting up HomePod, here are some other minor configurations you’ll need to be aware of right out of the box. Home Sharing Home Sharing on your iPhone or other iOS device has to be…

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