What Affects Bitcoin Price and Value?

What affects bitcoin price and value?

Bitcoin price and our perception of value in cryptocurrencies are driven by hype and speculation. Speculation is rooted in our sentiment about the price of a particular coin or token, and whether it will rise of fall. Sentiment is a feeling, emotion or attitude about a particular situation, or things, such as cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. Positive sentiment means we believe Bitcoin price will rise, whereas negative sentiment means we believe the price will fall. With the rise of social media, blogs and viral news, there is evidence that positive or…

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How Does Stripe’s 7 Lines of Code Work?

How 7 Lines of Code works

Stripe offers a simple solution to the problem of overly complex, non-user-friendly e-commerce processing. Specifically, Stripe’s e-commerce solution was created by developers, for developers. The company is famous for its “seven lines of code” which enable businesses to use its system to process payments from anyone by adding only 7 lines of code to a website. This elegant solution has made it easy for businesses to accept payments online, and for Stripe to process tens of billions of dollars in transactions. With its 7 lines of code as a foundation…

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