When Will Apple Watch Be A YubiKey Alternative?

when will Apple Watch become YubiKey alternative?

YubiKey is a physical hardware device that stores passwords and login information. YubiKey works like a password manager, except it’s kept with you… On a keychain for example. YubiKey has gotten good reviews for its ease of use… For instance, you can apparently use YubiKey with near field communication (aka “NFC”) to authenticate with an iPhone or Android device when you are trying to log onto a website on your smartphone. The problem with YubiKey is that you have to enter everything into it, which is a pain… YubiKey is…

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How to Find Voice Memos From The iPhone “Record Audio” Shortcut

How to Find Voice Memos From iPhone Shortcut

With Apple Shortcuts you can create a shortcut to record voice memos from the iPhone using Siri or a link on your iPhone home screen… But where do voice memos go, and where are they stored, after they are recorded using Shortcuts? Where Do Voice Memos From The iPhone “Record Audio” Shortcut Go? Even though I didn’t get it at first… It turns out that the Shortcuts app is pretty cool, actually. As I wrote about previously, Apple’s Shortcuts app allows you to create shortcuts for everything from firing up…

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How to Cancel Uptime Robot

If you want to know how to cancel Uptime Robot, here’s the answer… You need to email them. What Is Uptime Robot? Uptime Robot is a service that checks your website at specific intervals to confirm that it’s up and running (i.e. publicly available). If you run a blog or website that is a source of income, obviously you need to know if it’s gone down for some reason. Websites go down because of software issues, hosting issues, hacking, malware… Basically all kinds of reasons. And it always seems like…

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Vidyard Pricing? (Sorry It’s Not Public)

Vidyard pricing isn’t publicly available? Bummer. Anyone who’s curious about Vidyard pricing because they are looking for a video hosting platform will be disappointed to find out that Vidyard’s pricing is not public… Why isn’t Vidyard pricing available? I don’t know… The only thing I can assume is that they’ve made it a “secret” to get you to call them or to fill out the request form for free demo. Vidyard Pricing Questions Are The 2nd Most Common on Google Vidyard’s approach to pricing transparency is stupid. Why? Because anyone…

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How to Freeze Top Row and First Column Simultaneously in Excel

How Freeze Top Row First Column Simultaneously in Excel

Sometimes if you’re building a spreadsheet in Excel you want to be able to freeze the top row and the first column simultaneously…   However, with Microsoft Office 365 it’s not clear how to do this. The “Freeze” option only allows you to “Freeze” column A or Row 1 from the menu bar. If you select Freeze Column 1, you can’t also choose to Freeze Row A… However, you can select cell B2 and click “Freeze Panes” this will freeze Row 1 and Column A simultaneously. Selecting “Freeze Panes” in…

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The Best Thing About Shapr

The Shapr app is a great app for networking. It’s actually a game changer for meeting business contacts in a few seconds per day. My iPhone home screen is prime real estate… And Shapr is one of the 28 apps that has a place there. How Shapr Works Shapr is like Tinder for business. You set up a profile with a photo, a description, geographic information, etc. and then choose some interests that you have. The app then looks for matches for you and sends you about 10 suggestions for…

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Are You Having Unprotected Internet Sex?

NotPetya took Maersk down to pencil and paper. Cost them $250,000,000. Ransomware…? Forget about the ransom…. Nuisanceware alone. Projected to reach $11.5 billion 2019… Cyber crime industry is expected to reach $9 trillion by 2021. If you think you are safe… Do you hold your suppliers to the same standards that you hold yourself? In any event, Six degrees of separation is more than enough to be exposed… Doing business with a country, like a “China”, where competition is a risk? In which of those “China” countries is your technology…

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Email Like a Cyber Criminal: Are Phishing CTRs Better Than Marketing Pros?

According to a Wall Street Journal article on social engineering, phishing emails have a click through rate that is 10x greater than professional marketing emails. The article references Ken Bagnall, Vice President at computer security company FireEye, Inc. as stating that cyber criminals may be more effective at their jobs than professional email marketers…! What is Click Through Rate? The click through rate, aka “CTR”, is the number of users who click on a link in a webpage, email, advertisement, etc. as a percentage of the total number of users…

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Limbic Resonance and Success

One of the best insights from Elon Musk’s interview with Joe Rogan was his comment on limbic resonance and how powerful it is in media. Our limbic system is driven by animal instincts, our amygdala, aka our “lizard brain”. The level of social media platform success may be in direct correlation to the platforms limbic resonance… Or its ability to strike a nerve within us that makes us react. Those people who have embraced such platforms to their benefit are succeeding in large part because they connect with us at…

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3 Reasons the Facebook Paid Account is Inevitable

3 Reasons Facebook Paid Account is Inevitable-min

Facebook is having a relatively tough time of late… With Apple and Amazon recently reaching trillion dollar market caps, Facebook’s stock has been beaten down. The stock is at a four month low today as Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, is testifying on Capitol Hill about Facebook’s mishandling of user data, manipulation by Russian operatives and other sad consequences of using the social media platform. More and more people are wondering whether they should delete their social media accounts. But these problems may be a silver lining for Facebook’s next…

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