The Igrarian Home

the igrarian home diagram south

Eventually I believe that all home electricity will essentially be free because of solar power and technology advancement. It’s hard not to envision this when one considers how far we have advanced in other areas, such as the cost of an hour’s worth of artificial light. Matt Ridley, author of “The Rational Optimist“, researched the amount of work it takes to generate (earn) an hour of artificial light today, versus 150 years ago. 1800: a candle providing one hour’s light cost six hours’ work. 1880: the same light from a…

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Newspapers Are Underrated

newspapers are underrated

Sadly, Facebook gets all the press regarding how people get their news these days… As a result, newspapers are underrated. Your Facebook feed represents an extremely filtered version of what Facebook (and Facebook alone) expects will result in some behavior of yours that benefits Facebook. Such as clicking an ad, liking something or sharing a post. The difference between Facebook and a national newspaper, such as the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times, is that with a newspaper everyone gets the same news. The WSJ or NYT news…

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How Does Stripe’s 7 Lines of Code Work?

How 7 Lines of Code works

Stripe offers a simple solution to the problem of overly complex, non-user-friendly e-commerce processing. Specifically, Stripe’s e-commerce solution was created by developers, for developers. The company is famous for its “seven lines of code” which enable businesses to use its system to process payments from anyone by adding only 7 lines of code to a website. This elegant solution has made it easy for businesses to accept payments online, and for Stripe to process tens of billions of dollars in transactions. With its 7 lines of code as a foundation…

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The Igrarian Age

Advances in technology have brought us more personal computing power than a NASA space shuttle. With affordable technology, we can broadcast our ideas to anyone. We invent products and create an online store, almost for free… And if we can communicate well enough, we can transact with people almost anywhere in the world. Some of us even manage to make a living doing so. The Igrarian Age is coming whether we like it or not. The security and prosperity of the industrial revolution has come to an end. Technology is…

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