Naval Gazing

naval gazing

Naval gazing, is related to, but should not be confused with, “navel gazing”… The most current definition of naval gazing is the unproductive habit of listening to the Jocko Podcast, or other self-help podcast, and then actually doing nothing to “get on the path”. More broadly, the term can refer to the unproductive behavior of a self-help junkie. Naval gazing may actually be a symptom of pathological navel gazing. Naval Gazing vs. Navel Gazing Navel gazing is a commonly used term to refer to someone involved in self-absorbed, unproductive behaviors. However…

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Words I Made Up: Drowsing

verb: drowsing 1 1. the act of sitting behind the wheel of a parked, running motor vehicle while staring at your smartphone.”the parking lot at work is always filled with people drowsing just before 9:00 am.” noun: drowsing 1 1. the false perception of control and safe operation of a motor vehicle while staring at your smartphone.”he was convicted of drowsing.”

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The Igrarian Age

Advances in technology have brought us more personal computing power than a NASA space shuttle. With affordable technology, we can broadcast our ideas to anyone. We invent products and create an online store, almost for free… And if we can communicate well enough, we can transact with people almost anywhere in the world. Some of us even manage to make a living doing so. The Igrarian Age is coming whether we like it or not. The security and prosperity of the industrial revolution has come to an end. Technology is…

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