There Is No Perfect Time To Invest

There is no perfect time to invest… Unfortunately for investors in actively managed mutual funds and some actively managed target date funds, market timing is a reactionary investment strategy involving making buy or sell decisions based on predictions about future price movements, over and over. We see patterns where there are really none… This is akin to being a conspiracy theorist. Conspiracy theorists are afraid of something they don’t understand. Unfortunately, if you are afraid to invest in something because you believe the time is not right, I’ve got news…

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The Luxury Trap

The slow creep of affordable luxuries combined with inflation and higher expectations means that luxuries eventually become necessities. Redefined necessities spawn higher expectations and new obligations to keep up with the Joneses. But the Joneses don’t exist… They are a fictional duo conjured in the funky place in your brain where self-sabotage and boiling frogs (briefly) live.

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What is ERC-20 Token?

What is an ERC-20 token?

ERC-20 is digital token standard that can represent assets that run on the Ethereum blockchain. ERC stands for “Ethereum Request for Comments”. 20 represents the unique proposal ID number. The Ethereum blockchain records transactions which are comprised of smart contracts that create tokens, such as ERC-20. Ethereum tokens must run on the Ethereum network. There are other types of tokens that can run on the Ethereum network, such as ERC-721, and ERC-20 tokens use the same common set of rules that all Ethereum tokens must follow. ERC-20 tokens are commonly…

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Never Mind Crypto… You Need Cold Storage for Fiat

Never mind crypto... you need cold storage for fiat currency

When it comes to keeping cryptocurrencies secure, cold storage is considered necessary. Cold storage is important whether you’re an old school Bitcoin investor with your own wallet, or a novice using a trusted third party, like Coinbase and Circle, to hold your crypto. Regardless, cold storage is all the rage in cryptocurrency security… But what about fiat? What is Cold Storage? Cold storage means storing your cryptocurrency keys offline to protect it from a hack… This is accomplished often using dinosaur-age methods such as writing your codes on pieces of…

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Will The Classic Porsche Market Crash?

Will the Classic Car Market Crash?

The conventional wisdom is that buying a vintage car, such as a classic Porsche, should never be thought of as an “investment”. However, if you had been lucky enough to purchase a run of the mill 1969 Porsche 912 (**Cough!**The car I stupidly sold!** Cough!**) in Westchester, NY for $5,000 circa 2006 you would be sitting pretty right now. According to Hagerty, a 1969 Porsche 912 has an average value of $30,000 now… 600% increase! That’s an Internet mania style stock market return… But on something you can actually enjoy.…

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How to Reinvest Passive AdSense Income with Acorns

How to reinvest passive AdSense income with Acorns

Reliable passive income streams for new bloggers are hard to find, but AdSense is still one of them… Even though it’s been under assault by ad blockers in recent years, AdSense is still a great choice for beginning bloggers. Indeed, if you’re a new to blogging, AdSense may be one of the few ways to earn some extra money while you build a following. AdSense is free software from Google that reads the content of the blog posts on your website and places relevant pay per click advertisements in the…

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USD Coin: The Stable Crypto From Circle

USD Coin the Stable crypto from Circle

With USD Coin (USDC) the Circle vs. Coinbase saga continues… And Circle seems to be out-innovating Coinbase, at least with its latest move… The launch of a fiat currency backed, “stable crypto” called USD Coin. USD Coin is an asset backed token backed by the U.S. dollar. Each USDC held by a Circle account holder will float in value to an actual U.S. dollar that will be held in the user’s account. USD Coin as Stable Crypto With USD Coin, Circle aims to leverage the positives of crypto, while minimizing the…

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Trusted Third Parties Will Rule… Until They Don’t

Trust is earned

I saw this poster Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices on the Metro North line this evening… Sappy but true. Trust is, more or less, earned. Blockchain technology makes promises all the time… And Bitcoin was built on the premise of eliminating the trusted third party altogether. But until blockchain is just invisible to us, a part of our lives… Until it is proven to be trusted. Trusted third parties have nothing to worry about. Somewhere beneath the message about the benefits of blockchain are that any transaction that involves a third party is…

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Buffett Wants All of Apple

When I read that Warren Buffett had acquired 5% of Apple, I was a little uneasy. This is almost unheard of… Apple is now Berkshire Hathaway’s largest investment in dollar terms, according to this chart by CNBC. In percentage terms, Berkshire owns 5% of Apple now. Apple is almost a trillion dollar company. How much is a trillion? It’s one thousand billion. Wow. That’s like Kevin O’Leary on Shark Tank saying he wants 5% of a startup because it’s just enough to get him excited… Only it’s Apple. So that…

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