How to Restore Your iPhone When It Won’t Accept Passcode

How to Restore iPhone When iPhone Won't Accept Passcode

My iPhone Won’t Accept Passcode – For No Reason… Help! This morning I woke up early ready to start off my day but my iPhone X wouldn’t recognize my FaceID or my passcode… Sometimes in the early morning, right after I wake up, my iPhone will not accept FaceID (because bedhead). But this morning, iPhone wouldn’t accept FaceID or my passcode either. This is not the best mindset from which to start a daily meditation practice. I entered my passcode correctly several times, but it kept saying it was incorrect.…

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Crypto Greenwashing… Is XRP Really Green?

Claiming that XRP is “greener” than Bitcoin, and therefore somehow “better”, is akin to crypto greenwashing. Yes, Bitcoin’s energy use, and therefore its carbon footprint, is absurd and unsustainable… No question about that. But comparing the greenness of XRP/Ripple to Bitcoin is a little like comparing a bottle of Aquafina with a can of Coca-Cola. They are both drinks, but not the same types of products, and neither is necessarily beneficial for the planet. Indeed, in terms of the amount of waste sent to landfills, it might be better for…

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John Bogle’s Vanguard Is A Famous “Failure”…

This is according to his book, “Stay The Course: The Story of Vanguard and the Index Revolution”, John Bogle’s Vanguard Group, the creator of the first index fund, was a massive failure when its “First Index Investment Trust” was launched back in 1975. The idea of the “index fund”, a fund that simply tracked the S&P 500 market, was almost universally rejected as a concept at the time. Mr. Bogle describes how, one year after launching Vanguard, the company’s first IPO of the “First Index Investment Trust” raised only 5% of…

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When Will Apple Watch Be A YubiKey Alternative?

when will Apple Watch become YubiKey alternative?

YubiKey is a physical hardware device that stores passwords and login information. YubiKey works like a password manager, except it’s kept with you… On a keychain for example. YubiKey has gotten good reviews for its ease of use… For instance, you can apparently use YubiKey with near field communication (aka “NFC”) to authenticate with an iPhone or Android device when you are trying to log onto a website on your smartphone. The problem with YubiKey is that you have to enter everything into it, which is a pain… YubiKey is…

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How to Find Voice Memos From The iPhone “Record Audio” Shortcut

How to Find Voice Memos From iPhone Shortcut

With Apple Shortcuts you can create a shortcut to record voice memos from the iPhone using Siri or a link on your iPhone home screen… But where do voice memos go, and where are they stored, after they are recorded using Shortcuts? Where Do Voice Memos From The iPhone “Record Audio” Shortcut Go? Even though I didn’t get it at first… It turns out that the Shortcuts app is pretty cool, actually. As I wrote about previously, Apple’s Shortcuts app allows you to create shortcuts for everything from firing up…

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Which Cryptos Will Survive?

If I had to guess which cryptocurrencies will live through the current train wreck of cryptocurrency… And survive the long-term, I would guess it’s very few of them. I think cryptocurrencies make sense conceptually because “solid state” and software is eating the world, as Marc Andreessen once said. Recently some MIT researchers even developed a solid state plane that flew without any moving parts… It flew about 100 yards just by electrifying the air in Star Trek “ion drive” fashion The cryptos that may survive the long-term will be ones…

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Buffett is Probably Buying Now

What Warren Buffett is Buying AAPL

When Warren Buffett is buying stocks, one of his principles of investing is: “Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful.” With $100 billion in cash on the sidelines, and few choices of investments to make, Buffett recently repurchased $1 billion of his own Berkshire Hathaway stock in a rare buyback. However, this recent insane market pullback includes a few stocks that Buffett’s team at Berkshire Hathaway is bullish on… Apple being one of them. Berkshire Hathaway Holdings 2018 Another one of Warren Buffett’s investing…

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10 Podcasts With Brendan Eich, Founder of Brave

Brave founder Brendan Eich is Silicon Valley royalty… He worked with Marc Andreessen as part of the original team at Netscape… While he was there he created the JavaScript programming language (in only 10 days). Since that time he’s also been on a roll… He co-founded Mozilla and the Mozilla Foundation. Today Eich is the founder and CEO of Brave Software and Basic Attention Token (BAT), a “utility token based on the Ethereum technology that can also be used as a unit of account between advertisers, publishers, and users in…

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Bull Run Hangover

I’ve got a hangover from the recent bull run in stocks. And a hangover from the late 2017 bull run in crypto… The market feels depressing. Then I remember what it was like in 1998… Before the market went crazy. And I take a breath and remember that we’ve been here before. If you pick companies and investments that you believe are good long term choices, it’s a waiting game.

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Deja Vu… It’s Beat Up On Apple Season

It’s beat up on Apple season again… From Kevin O’Leary to CNBC people are whining about Apple doing what’s right for itself… If Kevin O’Leary knew what was good for him he would’ve bought back into AAPL yesterday. Public companies have a responsibility to maximize shareholder value while also, hopefully, doing no harm… Apple succeeds in both of these key metrics. As a company that has turned a commodity (cellphones) into a luxury business that reaps >80% of an entire industry’s profits, Apple knows how to make money. Analysts complain…

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