The Best Cryptocurrency App for iOS

There are a bunch of cryptocurrency apps to choose from. Most of them are not very good for someone who wants to do more than track a portfolio. However, one cryptocurrency app that I’ve tried is excellent… Crypto Pro. Crypto Pro is great if you’re interested in the following: Accurately tracking cryptocurrency price fluctuations Having a lot of control in monitoring your portfolio Observing the entire market at a glance Getting access to cryptocurrency news (without annoying ads) Having tons of UX control in “Settings” An overall great app user…

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Does Google Have a Quantum Computer?

does Google have a quantum computer

The cryptocurrency world is asking the legitimate question of whether Bitcoin will be secure when quantum computing becomes a reality… This is because a quantum computer is a “super super computer”. A quantum computer can perform unfathomably complex calculations nearly instantaneously and could easily break RSA encryption and crack the digital signatures used to secure Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Quantum computers use Shor’s algorithm which is a quantum algorithm that could break public key cryptography. Public key cryptography was designed by classical (non-quantum) computers. As such, quantum cryptographers are seeking…

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The Trading Platforms Are The Only Ones Who Make Money In Crypto

Much like Las Vegas casinos, the trading platforms Coinbase, Kraken, Bitmex, Circle, etc. are really the big winners in cryptocurrency. With few exceptions, cryptocurrencies have no underlying fundamentals… This means they will continue to swing wildly with huge volatility. This is dangerous for investors, but pure gold for trading platforms that profit from each trade. When the big banks, institutional players and hedge funds refer to cryptocurrency being the biggest opportunity since the Internet, this is what they’re referring to.

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UnBakkt – What is Crypto Rehypothecation?

what is crypto rehypothecation?

Hypothecation is a fifty cent word that you should probably be familiar with if you have a home mortgage or have a margin brokerage account in America… Rehypothecation is the next iteration in hypothecation. And if you are an investor or considering investing in cryptocurrencies, you should definitely know about “crypto hypothecation” and the implications of the spread of “crypto rehypothecation”. Hypothecation is what happens when you pledge an asset as collateral for a debt. In the case of a home mortgage, you are pledging your home as the collateral…

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What Is A Qualified Crypto Custodian?

what is a qualified crypto custodian?

Security risks, hacking and cyber attacks, market volatility and regulatory risk make buying and selling cryptocurrencies stressful to say the least. Perhaps more stressful is the challenge of securely storing crypto assets for safe-keeping… A process known as “crypto custody”. However, online crypto financial services providers, such as Coinbase, Circle and BitGo are starting to offer secure crypto custodian solutions. These cryptocurrency platforms want to be the default partner banking for storing digital assets, such as Bitcoins and new asset backed tokens. The collective aim is to convince institutional “hodlers” to…

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Is There Such A Thing As A Crypto P/E Ratio?

While it is in theory possible for cryptocurrencies, such as smart contracts, to have earnings, none do as of yet. As such, there is no equivalent “P/E ratio” for cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. The P/E ratio sheds a light on how bullish investors are about a stock. This is because P/E ratio indicates how many dollars an investor is willing to pay today for $1.00 of annual earnings per share of a company in the future. P/E ratio can be calculated by dividing the price of a share of stock…

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What is 0.001 Bitcoin Called?

What is 0.001 Bitcoin called?

Let’s say you have 0.00929204 Litecoin and you want to convert it to 0.000099 Bitcoin. Unfortunately, it seems to be hard to do this for free. If you use Coinbase, you convert Litecoin to Bitcoin but only if you log into Coinbase, then switch over to Coinbase Pro and transfer your Litecoin to Bitcoin. But there seems to be a minimum purchase of Bitcoin on Coinbase Pro in the amount of 0.001 Bitcoin. So you might have to buy more Litecoin then convert it all to Bitcoin, which seems like a…

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Crypto “Community”… A Veiled Term for Bureaucracy?

//RANT// The term “community” is tossed around in cryptocurrency and token discussions constantly. Community references “social benefits” harkening a better world where somehow a hybrid social capitalism run by smart contracts takes over. In other words, Utopia. Give me a break. “Community” is really just a veiled term for what it really is… Bureaucracy. People trying to exert control anyway they can to further their own personal agenda. Whatever that hidden personal agenda may be, it ultimately leads to a desire to make money from crypto. So please. Just say…

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How to Buy Brave Coin (BAT) and 3 Reasons to Consider It

How to Buy Brave Coin (BAT) and 3 Reasons to Consider Doing So

Brave Coin, aka Basic Attention Token (“BAT”), is the token that runs on the Brave web browser for desktop and mobile. Brave is a new browser that blocks ads and trackers. Brave is faster than Chrome or Safari because 3rd party trackers and other adtech software is blocked by the Brave browser. Brave also offers a new way to monetize content for small publishers. Many independent publishers and bloggers, such as this blog, use ad serving software and affiliate links to attempt to monetize their sites. Brave provides an alternative…

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Third Party Doctrine In The Digital Age

third party doctrine in the digital age

The concept of “third party doctrine” is often left out of discussions surrounding peer to peer blockchain applications and cryptocurrencies. As such, a distinction in the argument against trusted third parties needs to be made… As I wrote earlier, in defending trusted third parties, third parties can provide many benefits to individuals. For example, banks, cellular providers, lenders, attorneys, accountants and even cryptocurrency trading platforms help people transact. The help they provide is to offer a platform that historically has made things easier for consumers. Because of trusted third parties,…

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