4 Stock Investing Factors to Consider

4 stock investing factors to consider

When considering stocks to invest in, there are four “back of the envelope” factors that can signal a possible investment opportunity… Recent Emotional Pullback or Market Overreaction The Price/Earnings Ratio A Reasonable Dividend Long Term Market Trends and Potential On their own, any one of these four factors may not be compelling enough to make you want to invest in a stock… But a stock that has all of these factors happening together may warrant a second look. Marijuana Stock Investing Analysis Example One example of a company that has…

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Buffett Wants All of Apple

When I read that Warren Buffett had acquired 5% of Apple, I was a little uneasy. This is almost unheard of… Apple is now Berkshire Hathaway’s largest investment in dollar terms, according to this chart by CNBC. In percentage terms, Berkshire owns 5% of Apple now. Apple is almost a trillion dollar company. How much is a trillion? It’s one thousand billion. Wow. That’s like Kevin O’Leary on Shark Tank saying he wants 5% of a startup because it’s just enough to get him excited… Only it’s Apple. So that…

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Should Apple Be Insulated From Tech Backlash?

Should Apple Be Insulated From Tech Backlash

While the current media furor over the mismanagement of personal data by technology FAANG companies is unlikely to die down anytime soon… It seems as though all Silicon Valley tech companies have been crushed. Should Apple also be suffering from the current tech meltdown? Apple vs. Other FAANG Companies: Facebook: $456B (25 P/E) – No dividend Amazon: $680B (307 P/E) – No dividend Apple: $854B (16.45 P/E) – Dividend 1.5% Netflix: $125B (202 P/E) – No dividend Google/Alphabet: $700B (31.37 P/E) – No dividend Facebook has lost around 20% of…

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5 Stocks I’m Following on My Phone and Why

5 Stocks I'm Following on my Phone and Why

These are a few of the stocks I’ve been following on my phone lately: AAPL, DIS, LC, IRM and TSLA. Apple (AAPL): Apple is impressive not just because of its market prowess, but also because of how the company treats investors with its relatively low P/E ratio and a dividend of around 2%. If you don’t believe me, it should make things easier knowing that the “Oracle of Omaha”, Warren Buffett, has Apple as his 2nd largest Berkshire Hathaway holding. Apple is also on the cusp of becoming a trillion dollar…

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With DIS Fox Acquisition Complete… Will Apple Buy Disney?

What did Disney buy from Fox?

What Did Disney Buy From Fox? Back in August, when Disney (NYSE: DIS) announced that it would cut ties with Netflix and launch its own streaming business to compete in digital content, etc… Wall Street crushed it. I pondered… Why? After all, it was exactly what Disney needed to do. At the time, August 25th, Disney’s dividend was about 1.7%. The P/E ratio was about 16. The stock had listed sideways for about 3 years, in a price band from $90-120. Meanwhile, in the prior year, 2016, Disney was the…

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Apple’s Massive Moat

Apple has one of the widest strategic economic moats in the history of business. While Facebook, Amazon and Google are serious about their own unique moats, Apple is in a “moat league” all on its own. The concept of a business moat was coined by Warren Buffett… Indeed, Apple’s massive moat may be one of the reasons why Berkshire Hathaway bought 9.8 million shares of Apple in Q1 2016 at around $109 each. At the time, Apple had P/E ratio of only 9x and had approximately $239 billion in cash.…

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Apple and Healthcare

The more health insurers, healthcare providers and the government fuck up healthcare for consumers, the greater the opportunity for a company like Apple to take the entire U.S. market. A company like Apple? Sorry, I mistyped… There is no company like Apple except Apple.  Healthcare is so fucked right now that almost any new business model would be embraced more tightly than an ant’s asshole. If Apple can combine consumer technology with Apple Store like environments for consumer healthcare services it could quickly become a two trillion dollar company.  Apple…

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Will Ford Buy SunRun?

Saku Mega Solar

I believe carbon’s days are numbered.  The writing is on the wall… No U.S. coal resurgence is visible on the horizon… Even Saudi Arabia is betting on solar… If Elon Musk is right, electric vehicles are the future. Indeed, part of Elon Musk’s “Master Plan” and “Master Plan, Part Deux” is to use distributed renewable energy from solar to provide power to all these new electric vehicles that Tesla will be building. From afar, Elon Musk is singlehandedly changing the automotive industry to embrace EVs. As can be seen from recent bets by…

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NextEra Energy as Dividend Investment

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you are aware of the concept of cord cutting.  Cord cutting is most common in the disruption of large media companies by people cutting their cable TV subscriptions. Next to cigarette companies, cable companies probably have the worst reputations ever for customer service and satisfaction. People hate their cable companies… And any opportunity to get back some control, save money and gain freedom is welcome by consumers. Consumers are increasingly cord cutting by shifting to on-demand media that they can get from any…

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The Cheapest iPhone Yet

iPhone X

Apple will announce a series of upgraded iPhones today, as well as the iPhone X. Journalists are scrambling to write stories about how the new iPhone is so expensive… But the new iPhone X is actually dirt cheap. All smartphones are, not just the iPhone… And iPhone X may simply be the most expensive (inexpensive) within the iPhone lineup. How Much Does An iPhone Cost Per Touch or Use? From a use perspective, an iPhone is an absolute miracle of science…  How much time do I spend on my iPhone…

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