The Cheapest iPhone Yet

iPhone X

Apple will announce a series of upgraded iPhones today, as well as the iPhone X. Journalists are scrambling to write stories about how the new iPhone is so expensive… But the new iPhone X is actually dirt cheap. All smartphones are, not just the iPhone… And iPhone X may simply be the most expensive (inexpensive) within the iPhone lineup. How Much Does An iPhone Cost Per Touch or Use? From a use perspective, an iPhone is an absolute miracle of science…  How much time do I spend on my iPhone…

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Rule of 72

If you want to know how quickly your money will double at a certain interest rate, you can use the “Rule of 72”. The Rule of 72 is an invention of a fifteenth century Italian mathematician named Luca Pacioli, aka “The Father of Accounting and Bookkeeping”. Luca is quoted as saying: “A voler sapere ogni quantità a tanto per 100 l’anno, in quanti anni sarà tornata doppia tra utile e capitale, tieni per regola 72, a mente, il quale sempre partirai per l’interesse, e quello che ne viene, in tanti…

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Does Head to Head Make Sense?

Fitbit Stock Ionic Smartwatch

Fitbit (NYSE: FIT) launched their Ionic smartwatch yesterday and the stock spiked a little. Initial reactions have been positive, and there’s definitely a David and Goliath aspect to Fitbit’s efforts. The Verge has published a relatively positive piece on it. I don’t own any FIT, but I would most assuredly not be comfortable buying it now – even on this recent news. Fitbit is playing right into Apple’s hands with this new smartwatch.  Indeed, the Ionic will be priced immediately at $299.95 which is higher than a Series 1 Apple Watch,…

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NYSE: DIS as Income Investment

Disney Deadpool

Disney seems like a safe bet as a long term value investment, stock appreciation and dividend play… As a source of original content, NYSE: DIS is exceptional because of its pure potential to crank out story after story, and leverage great iconic characters from Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and Disney’s own titles. When combined with vertical integration and innovations in immersive technology such as CGI, virtual reality, artificial intelligence (AI), online gaming and the Internet, an entertainment company like Disney seems well positioned for these media trends. The company has…

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