What Are Penalties For Crypto Trademark Infringement?

Litecoin Hard Fork - What is the penalty for crypto trademark infringement?

The founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, wants you to know that he has nothing to do with its upcoming hard fork. Worse, Mr. Lee claims Litecoin Cash is a complete scam. The unauthorized Litecoin fork, called “Litecoin Cash” or LCC, is scheduled to occur on or around February 19th, 2018 at 02:00 UTC at block number 1371111. I use the word “unauthorized” because Mr. Lee, a former Google and Coinbase employee, took some steps to protect his hard work when he created Litecoin. So, to me, this raises a question……

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What is Kodak’s Coin Built On?


It seems ridiculous, but shares of Kodak (KODK) spiked on Tuesday when it announced that it would be launching a venture called KodakOne, an “anti-piracy” service that will use a new cryptocurrency called KodakCoin. Since the announcement on Monday, Kodak’s stock has rallied up almost 57%. What is KodakCoin Built On? Kodak will not be launching its own crypto-coin from scratch. Like many businesses that have ventured into coins and tokens, KodakCoin will be built on the Ethereum network. Ethereum is considered a “2nd Generation Blockchain”… It is a cryptographic…

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Are ICOs Securities? Yes. For Two Reasons.

ICOs Porn and the SEC

Even if there has not yet been a crystal clear ruling by the SEC, there are two main reasons why ICOs are going to be ruled as securities: Stupidity and lawyers. 1) Stupidity: People will literally do anything to make an extra buck… This includes investing in scammy ICOs that, on their face, offer… literally… zero chance of success. But the stupidity doesn’t end at investment… It continues when the “investors” are shocked (SHOCKED!) when their money evaporates after they invest with unscrupulous creeps. Then they complain… To the New…

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3 Reasons Why Overstock (OSTK) is a Blockchain Play

Shares of Overstock (Nasdaq: OSTK) have skyrocketed this year… Most recently surging up about 50% in December alone. But… Why? After all, Overstock’s retail e-commerce business is being crushed by Amazon. One reason is that Morgan Stanley recently disclosed that it had acquired an 11.4% stake in OSTK. This sent shares up sharply. Again… But… Why? It may be because Overstock is increasingly being seen as a blockchain and/or Bitcoin play. The following are three possible reasons why the market is looking at OSTK as a blockchain and/or Bitcoin investment:…

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