With DIS Fox Acquisition Complete… Will Apple Buy Disney?

What did Disney buy from Fox?

What Did Disney Buy From Fox? Back in August, when Disney (NYSE: DIS) announced that it would cut ties with Netflix and launch its own streaming business to compete in digital content, etc… Wall Street crushed it. I pondered… Why? After all, it was exactly what Disney needed to do. At the time, August 25th, Disney’s dividend was about 1.7%. The P/E ratio was about 16. The stock had listed sideways for about 3 years, in a price band from $90-120. Meanwhile, in the prior year, 2016, Disney was the…

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What Will Probably Happen With Bitcoin

What will probably happen to Bitcoin

What will probably happen to Bitcoin is that it will be displaced by a new cryptocurrency launched by a massive company with huge structural network effects. The promise of Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, is that they offer a solution to security problems introduced in transactions involving trusted third parties (TTPs). However, Bitcoin has issues as a currency. Instead, it is mostly speculated on as a store of value, akin to “Gold 2.0”. As a currency Bitcoin could easily be replaced by an established giant… Bitcoin, which is open source, could fall…

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Cryptocurrencies and Power Laws

Vanguard AUM

There are dozens, maybe hundreds or thousands of cryptocurrencies out there. However, there are only a handful of cryptocurrencies that anyone who has some knowledge of cryptocurrencies has ever heard of: Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum (ETH) Litecoin (LTC) Bitcoin Cash Ripple It’s likely to stay this way forever because of something called a power law.. Power laws work in a “winner take all” sort of way, rewarding the winner in a kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species of whatever with the vast majority of the rewards… Cryptocurrencies are no different.…

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How did that billionaire get to where she is today? She loved herself enough to believe in herself and what she decided to do every day.  More importantly, she didn’t think too much.  Do yourself a favor. Don’t think too much. According to Yuval Harari our brains account for only 2-3% of our body weight, but use roughly 25% of our bodies’ energy when we are at rest (i.e. staring at the phone prior to a cold call)… thinking too much can make you extremely tired. This is no joke.…

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What is the Hold 10 Crypto Fund?

Hold10 Crypto Fund

Hold 10 Fund is a new index fund for Blockchain based currencies. The company that started Hold 10, called Bitwise, is backed by Blockchain pioneer Naval Ravikant. The Hold 10 fund contains the following cryptocurrency trading symbols: BTC (Bitcoin) ETH (Ethereum) XRP (Ripple) BCH (Bitcoin Cash) LTC (Litecoin) DASH (aka “Darkcoin” aka “Digital Cash”) NEO (aka “AntShares” aka “The Ethereum of China”) ZEC (Zcash) XMR (Monero) ETC (Ethereum Classic) Hold 10 is a cryptocurrency index fund that rebalances on a monthly basis. The crypto currencies above are the largest value crypto…

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Apple and Healthcare

The more health insurers, healthcare providers and the government fuck up healthcare for consumers, the greater the opportunity for a company like Apple to take the entire U.S. market. A company like Apple? Sorry, I mistyped… There is no company like Apple except Apple.  Healthcare is so fucked right now that almost any new business model would be embraced more tightly than an ant’s asshole. If Apple can combine consumer technology with Apple Store like environments for consumer healthcare services it could quickly become a two trillion dollar company.  Apple…

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Tesla Phone?

What would happen if Elon Musk announced that Tesla was building a phone…?  Like Apple, Tesla is admired as both a technology company and a luxury product company. Steve Jobs was a master presenter.  Elon Musk is not a master, but he is very charismatic and successfully builds buzz around every new Tesla product launch.  Tesla also has manufacturing prowess and Elon Musk is a genius when it comes to technology.  Tesla could take the same approach that it took with its vehicles and launch an extremely high end phone…

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Carbon is Dead

The 100% renewable train has left the station and it’s gathering momentum, running over whatever stands in its way. Over 100 companies have signed on to a pledge to achieve 100% renewable power, some by as soon as 2020… The latest include JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Citi. A 100% renewable energy future means not only reducing the energy we consume, but also shifting our consumption away from fossil fuels. The commitments are impressive and the opportunities it could create are massive. Developing sustainable businesses is a great strategy for…

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The Price of Competing on Price

Robo advisors

Competing on price is the worst type of competitive situation to be in. If you are competing on price, it means one of two things about your prospects: They don’t get it: You have not done a good job of explaining what you do or what you offer well enough to differentiate it from the rest of the mass market, or… They don’t care: You are selling to the wrong market entirely. For #1, the problem is yours. You need to improve your pitch and approach. With #2, this is…

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Climate Change Businesses

According to Joseph Romm, “Climate change will have a bigger impact on your family and friends and all of humanity than the Internet has had.”  And not in a good way.  If the implications (not the science, which I support and believe, but the devastation that could come to our civilization) of Mr. Romm’s statement are true, it stands to reason that: This climate change problem is a massive problem that exists and needs fixing.  There is good money to be made by entrepreneurs building businesses that legitimately help solve…

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