Start a Marijuana Business..?

Inc. Magazine published an article for marijuana entrepreneurs to help them think about the implications of marijuana eventually being legalized across the U.S. There are obvious comparisons to the gold rush business opportunities that were born at the end of prohibition and still exist today.  Personally, I am not a fan or user of marijuana and I do not believe marijuana should be legalized nationally… But if you look at the trends in terms of state by state legalization, it seems reasonable to expect that marijuana may become legal on…

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NYSE: DIS as Income Investment

Disney Deadpool

Disney seems like a safe bet as a long term value investment, stock appreciation and dividend play… As a source of original content, NYSE: DIS is exceptional because of its pure potential to crank out story after story, and leverage great iconic characters from Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and Disney’s own titles. When combined with vertical integration and innovations in immersive technology such as CGI, virtual reality, artificial intelligence (AI), online gaming and the Internet, an entertainment company like Disney seems well positioned for these media trends. The company has…

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