There Is No Perfect Time To Invest

There is no perfect time to invest… Unfortunately for investors in actively managed mutual funds and some actively managed target date funds, market timing is a reactionary investment strategy involving making buy or sell decisions based on predictions about future price movements, over and over. We see patterns where there are really none… This is akin to being a conspiracy theorist. Conspiracy theorists are afraid of something they don’t understand. Unfortunately, if you are afraid to invest in something because you believe the time is not right, I’ve got news…

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The Price of Competing on Price

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Competing on price is the worst type of competitive situation to be in. If you are competing on price, it means one of two things about your prospects: They don’t get it: You have not done a good job of explaining what you do or what you offer well enough to differentiate it from the rest of the mass market, or… They don’t care: You are selling to the wrong market entirely. For #1, the problem is yours. You need to improve your pitch and approach. With #2, this is…

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