3 Podcasts on Alcohol Worth Listening To

3 podcasts on alcohol worth listening to

Trying to quit drinking? Good luck with it… Seriously. Even if you are a disciplined person, you need all the help you can get.  Go to a party and chances are >95% there will be alcohol available and most people will be drinking. We’re bombarded by advertising that it’s acceptable and cool to drink. Alcohol’s acceptance is reinforced by links to it being relaxing, for celebrating, for having fun, related to success, something after winning, associated with living the good life, etc. You’ve probably been conditioned your entire life to think…

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The PIE Ratio and The Price of Freedom

The Price of Freedom

The formula for calculating the price of freedom varies from person to person. The amount of money you need to earn to be free to make all of your own decisions will depend on your obligations and responsibilities and where you live, etc. But I read a great quote today that pretty much sums up what that price is… It was framed in terms of the “definition of rich” in a tweet by Michael Batnick referencing an article by Scott Galloway called “Happiness and The Gorilla“. Basically the price of…

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5 Reasons Why Functional Alcoholism is the Worst Kind

5 reasons functional alcoholism is the worst kind

Functional alcoholism is an oxymoron. And here are five reasons why functional alcoholism is the worst kind… 1) You Have a Confidence Deficit Always on the cusp of greatness. You know you have potential, but for some reason, you don’t have the confidence to execute. Confidence comes from believing in yourself, not from others believing in you. You have no confidence because you tell yourself you will quit… That you will get better… That you will reach your potential. But you never do. And because you lie to yourself… And…

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The Opposite of Experiencing Failure in Advance

Dont revel in success in advance

Seth Godin defines non-clinical anxiety as “experiencing failure in advance“… I’m most assuredly familiar with, and guilty of, this… Experiencing failure in advance has kept me from moving forward more times than I can probably count. Experiencing failure in advance has kept me from making another cold call. Or asking important questions. Or approaching people I thought were smarter or better or more **whatever** than me. But doing the opposite can be just as dangerous, when it builds up, incrementally, over time. Especially if you aren’t aware of it, or…

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Hiding in Darkness

Outside there is light. Inside there is the darkness. The darkness of our failures, our hidden deeds and desires that we are afraid to have exposed to the light… After all, if we are exposed for who we are, we will be judged… The people who think they know us might not like us anymore. It is uncomfortable standing up for ourselves, believing we are right, not fitting in, not obeying the world, making ourselves vulnerable to criticism… What if the scariest thought you have is to stop drinking? You…

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Drinking Too Much

Drinking too much can destroy your life, that’s no secret. What most people don’t acknowledge, or accept, is that the destruction is happening to you slowly, almost imperceptibly over time. Next thing you know is that you’re looking at yourself in the mirror wondering what the fuck happened. Most people do not get this. Do not expect them to. Because alcohol is accepted, marketed heavily and everywhere around you, you must be like a piece of iron to resist it. You must say no thank you, even when everyone around…

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Gary Larson summed it up in his Far Side cartoon, “How Nature Says ‘Do Not Touch‘”… Warnings serve a useful purpose, if we choose to heed them. If you’re not accomplishing what you want, or what you believe you are truly capable of in life… Maybe you missed the warnings. Some examples of warnings we miss: Your mother, father and relatives have or had trouble with alcohol or drugs – You keep drinking or taking drugs anyway. Your unproductive behaviors leave you feeling extremely guilty – You keep rationalizing and…

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