Create And Release Tension…

The key to telling a good joke, apparently, is a two step process: Create tension Release it A good comic creates discomfort in the audience and then relieves the discomfort with the punchline. Our brains sense the relief in the situation and we laugh… The same approach can be used in writing a effective blog post, or telling a story, or getting to know someone. It doesn’t have to be funny… But, over time, your audience will appreciate this seemingly dangerous relationship they have with you.

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Someone Needs to Kill “Fireside Chats”

Someone needs to kill fireside chats

Conference organizers and interviewers sometimes do this thing where they refer to interviews or special sessions they have with a guest as “fireside chats”. Never mind the fact that this concept jumped the shark years ago… There’s even a Forbes “listicle” about it… Barf. News flash to hosts… Your guest isn’t FDR. And the interview is never by a fire, which is beside the point. They are also rarely “intimate” which is what one imagines a real fireside chat to be. Like “rapid fire questions“, I have STRONG feelings of…

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When Ideas Have Sex

when ideas have sex

The best ideas often come from connecting two seemingly unrelated things and forming something new. Author Matt Ridley refers to it as “When ideas have sex“… He claims that this phenomenon is both uniquely human and responsible for all or most of our progress as a species on Earth. The moment that the “bridge” between two seemingly unrelated ideas appears can be very exciting. It can also be disorienting for the creator to try to put into words the structure of a new idea that seems so clear in his…

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How Long Is A Patent Good For Once It’s Awarded?

how long is a patent good for?

If you have an idea for a product, or invention, you may be wondering if you should patent your idea, how much it will cost and how long is the patent good for. If your idea is patentable, then go for it… Just be aware that the patent protection you receive is limited to a specific period of time and is territorial. Once you receive your patent award, the patent is good for 20 years from the date of first filing. The cost of a patent will vary depending on…

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Someone Needs to Kill “Rapid Fire Questions”

someone needs to kill rapid fire questions

Podcasters and interviewers sometimes do this thing where they wrap up their episodes by asking their interviewees some “rapid fire questions“… But… The questions are usually not “rapid” in the speedy sense.  I think they’re just questions. They’re the favorite questions the podcaster always likes to ask his or her guests. As an alternative, they could ask “quick reaction” questions where the guests have to answer quickly without thinking too much, or based on instinct. Or what about… Using a stopwatch with a max time to respond and a buzzer that will…

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Side Hustles as Art

Creative itches need to be scratched or they drive you crazy. If you paint, sculpt, write, have lots of ideas for things you want to build or whatever, you need to get your ideas out of your head and into the world. If you’re a creative person, that feeling shouldn’t be ignored. The challenge is finding the discipline to control the animal inside. To tame yourself, and your ideas, long enough so that you can actually make them real. Side hustles are a form of art. You know you want…

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