Which Foods Help With Depression?

which foods can help with depression?

Which Foods Help With Depression? According to a study titled “The Gut-Brain Axis: The Missing Link in Depression“: “A poor diet is a risk factor for depression… Thus, a healthy diet may prevent depression. Regulation of the gut microbiota using diet, probiotics and FMT may have important benefits for preventing and treating depression… The gut-brain axis could aid in understanding and treating neuropsychiatric disorders, especially depression.” A healthy diet is one that promotes the growth and regulation of beneficial bacteria at levels that are good for your microbiome. Eating processed…

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5 Ways to Overcome Depression as a Solopreneur

5 ways to Overcome Depression as a Solopreneur

In 2012 I attended a conference for entrepreneurs. It was at a ski resort in Lake Tahoe. The conference was filled with a lot of really smart and impressive business people. I can’t remember all of them, but it was a very open scene. Regardless of the level of “success” people had, everyone treated each other more or less as equals. I was just starting my second startup venture. I wanted to meet other founders and there were random encounters and opportunities to chat. During one meal I chatted with…

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Brazil Nuts, Tryptophan and Depression

If you suffer from depression, I feel for you. I don’t know why on some days I am utterly immobile and feel like I lack any motivation… My symptoms seem to check the right “boxes” in terms of having depression, at least according to a depression questionnaire I took once. Brazil Nuts and Depression Supposedly eating 2-5 Brazil nuts per day can help depression… I bought some at Trader Joes. Brazil nuts are actually gigantic seeds from the Brazil nut tree. Brazil nuts contain a lot of selenium (100 micrograms)……

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Solopreneurship and Mental Health


Solopreneurship, or the process of leading yourself and working to solve interesting real world problems while making a business out of it, introduces specific stresses to an individual. The definition of mental health is a person’s condition with respect to their emotional and psychological well-being. As a solopreneur, your mental health can suffer… Depression in entrepreneurs is common. Indeed, being a solopreneur can make your mental health worse because talking to yourself may be your only form of therapy. Solopreneurship is a growing phenomenon… More and more people of all…

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