Weakness is Strong

Weakness is strong. Weakness can overpower me easily. I know some of my bad or lazy habits make weakness even stronger and put it in a very comfortable position of power. Sometimes if I give weakness just a shred of a chance…It gets the drop on me. How Do You Fight Weakness Weakness is no match for ingrained habits. Over time, developing good, daily habits takes the random decision making out of your daily routine as much as possible. Tim Ferriss recently said something to the effect of: “…Don’t think…

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What Are You Aiming For?


What is your goal? WHAT ARE YOU AIMING FOR? Is it to have a successful side hustle? To have more freedom in how you earn your income…? To have a better relationship with your family…? To have a better relationship with yourself…? Any of these are worthy goals but without precision, they are going to be hard to measure as you progress. We all want to earn a certain amount of money so that our families are taken care of, but also so that we enjoy ourselves sometimes, take a…

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The Opposite of Experiencing Failure in Advance

Dont revel in success in advance

Seth Godin defines non-clinical anxiety as “experiencing failure in advance“… I’m most assuredly familiar with, and guilty of, this… Experiencing failure in advance has kept me from moving forward more times than I can probably count. Experiencing failure in advance has kept me from making another cold call. Or asking important questions. Or approaching people I thought were smarter or better or more **whatever** than me. But doing the opposite can be just as dangerous, when it builds up, incrementally, over time. Especially if you aren’t aware of it, or…

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Truth Decay, Honesty and Money

Truth Decay

Would you agree that the truth and honesty are important? Of course. Indeed, you might even believe that the truth is ultimately more important than any one person is by him or herself. It’s sad, then, that he truth seems to be going through a tough time these days. How bad has the assault on the truth become? Bad enough that the Rand Corporation has published an ebook (below) on it. It’s called “Truth Decay“. Truth Decay addresses the increasing disagreement about what facts are. The truth is under assault because of…

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No Focus, No Future

He went to Harvard undergrad, graduated Magna Cum Laude. Then went to HBS (Harvard Business School). On the fast track to make millions in business… So talented, could write his own ticket, in almost anything. Knowing this was enough. Plus… He always had a dream to be an artist… So he did. Finally free, yes. But, unfortunately, nothing is free. Kids are not free. Marriage is not free. Living in New York is not free. Conflicted. I’m an artist (but I should’ve made money). Screw the money. I’m too talented…

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Toward Self Canonization

The Devil’s Advocate was an official position within the Roman Catholic Church in 1587. The purpose of the Devil’s Advocate was to find faults in any person who was proposed for sainthood. The Devil’s Advocate would search for the worst in the candidate’s character, suggest he or she was a fraud, question intentions, cast doubt, poke holes, raise questions of legitimacy… Indeed, the role of the Devil’s Advocate was to sabotage the candidate, if possible, at all costs. The Devil is real. It exists in all of us. You must…

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Drinking Too Much

Drinking too much can destroy your life, that’s no secret. What most people don’t acknowledge, or accept, is that the destruction is happening to you slowly, almost imperceptibly over time. Next thing you know is that you’re looking at yourself in the mirror wondering what the fuck happened. Most people do not get this. Do not expect them to. Because alcohol is accepted, marketed heavily and everywhere around you, you must be like a piece of iron to resist it. You must say no thank you, even when everyone around…

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The Entrepreneur and Time Management

Time is the great equalizer. We all have 24 hours in a day… What each of us does with that time makes all the difference. For an entrepreneur, time management is everything. If you are struggling with how you seem to be working all the time, but you feel like you are not getting anywhere, you should examine what you are doing with your time during each hour of the day. Sometimes what feels like work, is not the work you need to be doing. If I am afraid of…

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Positional Dominance

Part of you is evil… And, deep down, you know it. Life is a daily battle for positional dominance. It’s good versus evil. Progress versus complacency. Sacrifice versus comfort. Hard today versus harder tomorrow. Micro decisions compound and can make you a champion, or send you to the bottom of a crater. The evil you wants to make the good you submit. If you’re weak, you will give in to the daily struggle against your evil self because the evil self has an endless source of energy… The good self…

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