Zulu Foxtrot Golf

Zulu Foxtrot Golf (zero fucks given)

One of the benefits of getting older is that you don’t really care as much what other people think. Research shows that self-esteem throughout life is shaped like a bell curve… It is lowest among young people and seniors. Through mid-life, our self-confidence grows… Peaking at around age 60. From 30-60 these could be referred to as the “Zulu Foxtrot Golf” (zero fucks given) years. Self-esteem seems to decline after 60, though. Perhaps this is a result of age-related health issues, personal employment status (due to an early retirement or…

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There is evidence that our diet has a direct impact on our mental health. If we eat sugary processed foods regularly there is a chance our mood and productivity will suffer. Skipping food altogether for a day or so is also a good thing to do from time to time. If you give your gut a rest, you can hit the reset button, set a new baseline and start over with some good food the next day. In the U.S., hardly anyone is without food. Food is available to us…

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The Good Life

Are my aspirations too low? My idea of the good life: Being at home with my family Watching my children grow and mature Getting regular exercise Making more money than I spend Accomplishing these items means 1) not commuting to a job more than 30-45 minutes away from home… 2) Being home in the morning when my children have their breakfast and in the evening when we have dinner… 3) Exercising, walking, running, pull-ups a little every day. 4) The last one has been the hardest. The money has always…

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