Daily Blogging and Self-Awareness

I’ll never forget some advice I heard in an audio interview with Seth Godin. Darren Hardy, who was the publisher of Success Magazine for many years, was conducting the interview. Darren always asked the same question at the end of an interview with an expert… “What’s the one thing you would recommend for our readers and listeners to do to take action today.” Darren had hardly finished asking the question when, without hesitation, Seth said: “Start a blog and write in it every day”. I had already heard this from…

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Topic Clusters Can Improve Conversions

Do Pillars and Topic Clusters Improve Conversions?

One day a few years ago I decided that I was on a mission to find a four leaf clover.  I had never found a four leaf clover before… But I was obsessed with the idea and determined to find one. I looked everywhere and after a few weeks, while at a park with my family, I found one.  In fact there were many four leaf clovers in this one place. There was one, then I found another and another and another…  I gave them to my daughters. But they were…

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Newspapers Are Underrated

newspapers are underrated

Sadly, Facebook gets all the press regarding how people get their news these days… As a result, newspapers are underrated. Your Facebook feed represents an extremely filtered version of what Facebook (and Facebook alone) expects will result in some behavior of yours that benefits Facebook. Such as clicking an ad, liking something or sharing a post. The difference between Facebook and a national newspaper, such as the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times, is that with a newspaper everyone gets the same news. The WSJ or NYT news…

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Leading To, Not With

Most salespeople today deliver with sales presentations by leading with information about how great their company is. But this isn’t really the way it should be. And it’s very likely that your sales prospect is merely enduring the beginning portion of your presentation, the part with the slides about your company… Silently wondering when you’re going to get to the point. The point being: Them The book “The Challenger Sale” flips the conventional sales presentation concept on its head. The sales strategy in The Challenger Sale is not leading with…

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The Next Supercycle is Coming

The next Apple “supercycle” is coming… The reason Apple will likely experience another “supercycle” at the end of 2018, going into 2019, is because the iPhone X form factor is the most radical change in design since the iPhone 4. It’s so obvious to me that this will happen and here are four reasons why: The iPhone X is the hottest selling, most popular iPhone model among all iPhones. It has been the best selling iPhone since it was released late last year. Apple is expected to launch a larger…

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Orvis is the New Brooks Brothers

orvis is the new brooks brothers

Orvis is officially the new Brooks Brothers. For years I shopped at Brooks Brothers for shirts, pants, sweaters, ties, etc. But it has been sucking for so long that I think really Orvis is the new default choice for cool, preppie clothing. Why doesn’t Brooks Brothers develop a cool line of casual fleeces with the BB logo…? Why does Orvis sell Barbour jackets and clothing and Brooks Brothers does not…? What genius made that decision…? Why doesn’t Brooks Brothers offer the basic staples like a nice light blue gingham long…

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Success is Largely Mental

Success is largely a mental game… To accomplish what you know you can and should accomplish, you need to take care of your brain and body as a first priority. This means exercise, eat right, get sleep, don’t drink alcohol or do drugs. If you do drink, do it rarely and in moderation… If you can stop drinking (especially if you want to stop), do so. Everyone’s different. Some people can literally destroy their bodies and brains and still function at a high level. I am not one of those…

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Is Social Media Hurting Your Selling?

To be the best salesperson you can be… You need to be able to understand and empathize with other people. The way you gain empathy is by talking with others… Engaging with them in conversation. But social media does not allow this… It replaces conversation with memes, posts, likes, comments and other signs. By some accounts, social media has been shown to reduce empathy for others. Empathy can be reduced online, where some people engage in bullying or other mean behaviors against others online, but social media can also affect…

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