Amazon Coin Strikes Again

Amazon Coins

Amazon Coin is inevitable. So is Apple Cash. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been created in the cryptocurrency markets, literally out of thin air. That’s why it’s inevitable that a FAANG coin (an Amazon Coin or Apple Cash) will be created by the tech colossi. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said that he believes he will be around to see the “elimination of money”. With over 1.2 billion iPhones in circulation worldwide, Apple has an excellent foundation from which to launch a cryptocurrency. And a survey of 1,000 Amazon…

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Is Amazon Still a Buy in 2018?

I recently bought some AMZN stock and did it purely as a defensive move. However, roughly a week or so later, the stock has already gone up by about 10%. Now I’m wondering if I should have bought more. Should I Buy More Amazon in 2018? A first question I often ask myself about an investment is whether I understand the company. I think I understand Amazon. I’m a Prime Member and I certainly use the company regularly… Check that box. But the stock has almost doubled in the past…

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Amazon’s Hidden Liabilities

Like you, I use Amazon often and for an increasing number of things.  As reported in today’s Wall Street Journal, Amazon’s growth and expansion into new markets is unparalleled… It’s efficiency in operations is also a sight to behold. With its technology powered by energy intensive 24/7/365 data centers, Amazon needs only half as many workers to sell $100 worth of merchandise as a conventional retailer, such as Macy’s does.  And yet it pays almost no corporate tax because it is not profitable. Amazon’s lack of profit is not news, Amazon…

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