How Do You Update HomePod?

How Do You Update HomePod? Apple released its first HomePod update today. If you want to update HomePod, you should not have to do anything, per se. HomePod is designed to automatically install new updates to itself, with just your WiFi connection. However, if you’re of the “trust but verify” variety, you can manually check for updates in the Home app. How to Check HomePod Updates to Current Version Open the Home app on your iOS device (iPad, iPhone, etc.) Check to make sure that you are logged in with…

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HomePod Pairing and Setup is Similar to AirPods

The HomePod pairing and setup process is similar to the process for setting up AirPods. HomePod pairing uses a proximity sensor, similar to AirPods. When HomePod is next to an iOS device, you’ll see a tile pop up with a picture of your HomePod. The setup process requires several prompts, including transferring the settings from iCloud and your iTunes account to HomePod via the Home app. These instructions are included with the HomePod. When you unbox the HomePod, you’ll see the only basic instructions included with HomePod describing the setup…

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HomePod Not Connecting to Home App?

HomePod not Connecting to Home App

Is your HomePod not connecting to the Home app? If you move your HomePod from one room to another, or if you try connecting to a different iOS device, you may have trouble accessing HomePod from an iOS device using the “Home” app. In my case, I originally set up HomePod using an iPad without Apple Music. Then, since HomePod was not operating to its full potential without Apple Music, I signed up for an Apple Music free trial using my iMac. Then I connected my iPhone to the HomePod…

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What Can Siri on HomePod Do?

What can Siri on HomePod do?

I set up a HomePod in my home office today. There were some configuration specifics that I needed to get right, but getting HomePod up and running was pretty straightforward. After initially plugging it in, Siri on HomePod was able to do a few things using a basic Internet connection. However, to avoid some frustration when setting up HomePod, here are some other minor configurations you’ll need to be aware of right out of the box. Home Sharing Home Sharing on your iPhone or other iOS device has to be…

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Can I Play NPR on Apple HomePod?

Can Apple HomePod play NPR?

Apple’s newest product is HomePod, a “smart” speaker for listening to music and accessing information using voice commands. The design of HomePod is simple and clean. The device looks soft and approachable, with an organic, “we come in peace” alien appearance. I’m intrigued by the idea of a smart speaker from Apple, because I’ve never tried an Amazon Echo or Google Home, the smart speaker competitors to HomePod. I have tried Google Assistant, which I found to be more useful than Siri. HomePod’s best feature, according to the reviews (and here’s a good…

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