What is Kodak’s Coin Built On?


It seems ridiculous, but shares of Kodak (KODK) spiked on Tuesday when it announced that it would be launching a venture called KodakOne, an “anti-piracy” service that will use a new cryptocurrency called KodakCoin. Since the announcement on Monday, Kodak’s stock has rallied up almost 57%. What is KodakCoin Built On? Kodak will not be launching its own crypto-coin from scratch. Like many businesses that have ventured into coins and tokens, KodakCoin will be built on the Ethereum network. Ethereum is considered a “2nd Generation Blockchain”… It is a cryptographic…

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The Biggest Problem with Bitcoin as a Currency

Biggest Problem with Bitcoin

The biggest problem with Bitcoin as a currency is not that it has no real value… The biggest problem with Bitcoin as a currency is its volatility. Bitcoin does have legitimate value… Indeed, it has as much value as anything that people can believe in. However, no buyer in their right mind would ever choose to use Bitcoin to make a purchase for anything… Not unless they were 100% sure that the price of Bitcoin would fall immediately after the transaction was complete. Conversely, no seller in their right mind…

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