When Will Miners Be Disincentivized to Mine Bitcoin?

When will miners be disincentivized to mine bitcoin?

There can only ever be 21,000,000 Bitcoin. At first the prize (aka the “block reward”) for a miner solving a hash was 50 Bitcoin. But the way Bitcoin’s blockchain works, the block reward is cut in half after every 210,000 blocks are solved. After the final 6,930,000th block, there will be no new Bitcoin created. But the network doesn’t just stay secure if no one works on it… The mining has to happen… or Bitcoin disappears. What will the rewards be then to secure the network? Bitcoin Halving Dates Bitcoin…

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Crypto Scripts


Recently it was discovered that large media company websites were secretly running crypto mining software scripts on them to mine Bitcoin and/or other crypto currencies without the knowledge of their visitors. Unlike 3rd party cloud mining for cryptos, crypto scripts could be considered a form of malware if they are running on your browser without your knowledge. Showtime’s website was one of them. What happens is that a cryptocurrency mining script uses the CPU power of the visitors’ computers (PC or Mac) to do the heavy lifting to run Blockchain…

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