Crepuscular Coin

Crepuscular coin

Croesus, the King of Lydia from 560-547 BC, is widely credited with being the first to create coins as money. The first coins, made of an alloy of gold and silver called Electrum, made things much easier in terms of measurement, trade and transport. But the value of the coins was not due to the convenience problems they solved, nor in their value as precious metals. The value was held in the trusted authority that guaranteed the value behind them. Coins were stamped with simulacra of heads of rulers or…

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The Igrarian Age

Advances in technology have brought us more personal computing power than a NASA space shuttle. With affordable technology, we can broadcast our ideas to anyone. We invent products and create an online store, almost for free… And if we can communicate well enough, we can transact with people almost anywhere in the world. Some of us even manage to make a living doing so. The Igrarian Age is coming whether we like it or not. The security and prosperity of the industrial revolution has come to an end. Technology is…

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