SpaceX: A Communications Company with Rockets

SpaceX communications company with rockets

I was reminded of the genius of Elon Musk today by a tweet from @angusdav. Elon Musk’s entrepreneurial accomplishments are impressive enough on their own. As the imperator of Hyperloop, Tesla, The Boring Company, Space X, Neuralink, not to mention PayPal… But colonizing Mars may be his most audacious goal. The decisive launch of the Falcon Heavy provided the nation with a dose of inspiration and some much needed distraction from excrescent politics. And yet it was an extemporary salute to the real business opportunity in SpaceX, which is: Satellites… A lot of…

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Tim Cook’s Transition, and Elon As Apple CEO

Elon Musk Apple CEO spacex launch

The intellect struggles to grasp the capabilities of Elon Musk. He did it again today. Starman’s feat, in penetrating innumerable stars in the sky, also filled the demotic hearts on the ground below… Satisfying the countless souls so repeatedly emptied by the sad, paper cutouts of prevaricate, acarpous politics. With a pillar of kalon fire, his incomparable team of engineers and rocket scientists launched the record breaking Falcon Heavy… And with it… A Tesla Roadster. The Icarian entrepreneur did what he promised… And sealed his legacy as perhaps the greatest showman of…

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