Only Two Ways to Build Wealth in Your 40s

the only way to build wealth in your 40s

At any point in your life, there are only two ways to build wealth and these are they: Earn More Spend Less Boring, I know… But it’s the formula to learn the price of freedom. And if you’re like me and in your 40s, hopefully in good health, knock wood, you really could have your whole life ahead of you. In other words, you can pretend you’re just born today and get to live another life starting now. Another 40 or so years ahead of you. Your 40s are where…

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How to Apply Warren Buffett’s 2018 Letter to Your Side Hustle

How to apply Warren Buffett's 2018 letter to your side hustle

Today, February 24th, 2018, Berkshire Hathaway released Warren Buffett’s 2018 letter to shareholders. Each year the “Oracle of Omaha” releases his letter to investors. It is always an interesting and educational read. The Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway has a folksy, avuncular style and frugal spending habits that seem to contradict his billionaire status. Each paraenetic point in the letter gives insight into his investing success and business acumen. This year’s letter is only 16 pages and does not disappoint. It even includes a poem by Kipling. Much of Buffett’s wisdom can be extrapolated…

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