The Best Way to Update Plugins on GoDaddy Managed WordPress

Updating WordPress Plugins on GoDaddy Managed Wordpress Step 1

GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress service is a great, low cost way for beginners to get started with building a WordPress site. This is because you can manage your WordPress site easily from within GoDaddy’s online control panel. If you ever have technical issues, GoDaddy offers very good basic FREE phone support with its Managed WordPress service… GoDaddy’s telephone support almost always comes through with a solution for no extra charge. However, one problem that happened consistently with one of my websites on GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress was updating plugins. Whenever I updated…

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How to Fix the White Screen After Updating a WordPress Plugin

Sometimes updating plugins on a WordPress site can result in what’s called the “White Screen of Death” (WSOD). This post can help you fix the white screen of death that may appear on your WordPress site when trying to update a plugin or plugins. What is the White Screen of Death on WordPress? If you were updating a WordPress plugin, you may experience either the “White Screen of Death” or a “Maintenance mode” white screen with a message that reads “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.”…

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